Thursday, 18 June 2015

Saga Gripping Beast. William the Bastard. SHVA04

With the next meeting of the Armoury Gaming club fast approaching (i.e. tonight!), I hit the brushes in an attempt to finish off my Norman Warlord.

Having assembled a 6 point army for under £20 I decided to splash out with the leader and get myself an official 'Bastard' to lead my army from the Gripping Beast site.

Originally wanted the figure to be looking down (as in striking an infantryman) but it was proving a nightmare to achieve, so just had him looking to his left like he's eyeing up a strike on someone hitting his shield.

Do I think about this stuff too much?

This is the first SAGA sculpt I have painted and I was pleased with the sculpt. Just the right blend of detail and clean lines.

One of the reasons I am pleased is because I also bought Harold Godwinson and his Brothers at the same time (this was last year before the miniature embargo). Hopefully they will be just as nice.

I was going to go all out with the shield as he's the leader but time and tides got in the way so I just went with a simple Red and White design.

I was disappointed at the time but looking at it now I am happy with how it turned out and I figure a simple design would be more functional as it would be easier to spot at a distance.

One complaint I do have is the figure is hunched over which means a lot of the face is obscured when you place the figure on the table. It's a small complaint and maybe I'm just being picky.

I have 4 points of mayhem planned against Macca tonight and I have just found out he took delivery yesterday of  two champions and a high king, so it looks like our next engagement will be 6 points.

Better get that unit of crossbows primed!

Now the numbers.

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 106
Miniatures bought this year = 18
322 miniatures to go.


  1. He does look like a right bastard! Lovely paint job and great looking figure...very intimidating!

    1. cheers. He was a lovely sculpt and pretty much painted himself . . . unlike the Warmachine long gunners I am now slugging through!

  2. Good stuff Riot, will be interesting to see how the B'stard gets on :-)

    1. Turns out the Bstard is happy to sit at the back and let his knights do all the heavy lifting!


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