Saturday, 21 March 2015

Time to play 40K?

I really think I am a harbringer of DOOM!!!!!!

About 8 months ago I finish up my 1500 points for Warhammer fantasy battle and what happens...... The Warhammer world suddenly plunges into the whole 'End times' thing and half the armies of the world disappear!

This week I finally finished up my first core force of Space Marines (two squads and a Commander) and all the talk last Thursday at the Creative Biscuit was the rumours of 40K going the same way!

Anyway until the 40K end times come, here is my starter Space Marines army.

At least I can use them for Rougue Trader.

With my secert Santa bits I pretty much have an entire battle company so will try to finish this lot up as the Ultra Marine 2nd company the 'Guardians of the Temple'.

Unoriginal I know but with over 100 marines to paint and not really having a clue about what to take in battles and force composition it was just the easiest option.

Gone with this fella as Captain Cato Sicarius. I know it's not the right miniature but loved the look of the fella as soon as I pulled him out of the box.

Gone with the pearlescent blue as I wanted them painted up as 'the knights of space' which seems to fit with the fluff and is my way of making them my own, as it is a look I have never seen used for Space Marines before.

Captain Cato gets a wrearth for his shoulder pad and I figure I will use personal heraldry for any figures of significence.

The first squad I painted up as Squad Fennion as they are known as the 'Immortals'. I figure this lot deserve the same accolade for surviving my mums loft for over 20 years!

Really pleased with the Health and Safety 'flammable' symbol of the flamer marine

I have a vivid memory of seeing this fella painted up as a Sergeant with a power fist in camo power armour in an OLD White Dwarf.

The Sergeant for Squad Manorian below has caused me all sorts of problems as I like my forces to reflect my city and generally paint my figures in a range of skin types i.e. my victorian Blood Bowl team

For this reason and the fact I am grew up in the 70's and 80's I have painted this fella up to represent all the hard nosed, angry, black, Police sergeants I grew up watching and loving from Sgt Apone in Aliens to Sgt Emil Foley in an Officer and a Gentleman!

I am pleased with the paint job but I might have to go back and repaint him as the facial features just don't feel right.

4 more down, 374 to go!

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