Monday, 9 March 2015

Mordheim Game 8. The (amphi)theatre of dreams! Or is that nightmares?

This Saturday saw me finally get to grips with Lano the smiling assassin. Unfortunately it was against his full strength warband!

I think my warband are practising the off side trap!

The only good news was this meant there was more 28mm porn to stare at!


It could have been worse. Denny and Macca the masters of the undead were busy conniving on the other table before Neil turned up with his witchfinders!

Neil had been busy that day as we entered the shed of lead to find the following.....

Someones been busy!

First my Warband have a ganders at the Dockside......

ohhhh ..... Misty!

Before deciding to have a go at "Old Gafford" the amphitheatre of dreams

Loads and loads of places for Lano to hide.... We'll take this one!

We roll and I manage to win both deployment and initive. I decide to set up in the bottom table edge as this will allow me to hide my forces from the sprinting melee monsters lano is fielding as well as letting me get my archers into the nearest tower to close down channels for lano or at least turn them into a killing field.

No secrets in turn one..... RUN!

Lano does the same thing... except half his warband have the "sprint" skill and cover 15"!

The original intention was to get my archers in the tower and then try to flush out the Chaos forces making their way through the building, finish them off nice and quickly and then turn on the chaos forces which had survived the barrage of arrows crossing the open ground, win the game, get the treasure, everyone down the pub! Easy as!

With the mind bending speed of the cultist covering the open ground I am forced to reassess this plan and need to think on my feet.

I decide to go with the plan but just change my target priority.

"Blimey it's turn two and they have covered 30 inches!"
I move my melee troops behind the building. Just out of sight and more then 4"  away from Lano's forces to stop the charge of Lano's strength 6 monsters!

Lano tries to flush me out by running one of his beasties forward. Its just out of Pistol shot and quite possibly just out of charge range for the majority of my forces as well. I guess the plan is to pawn off the Beastie to get in the counter charge and decimate any one who ventured a (and failed their) charge.

The sneaky SOD!

"We are right behind you Beastie.... right, right behind you!"
But I have a cunning plan!

Once again Spook pulls off his high flying act and pitches himself off the tower to come crashing down on the cultist with +1 to hit and +1 strength and promptly dispatches his foe!

Archie thinks "that looks fun" and tries the same trick but fluffs his lines and fails his initiative test. Thankfully a roll of double one means he does not kill himself in the process.

Red, Joe and Arnold go crashing into the Beastie which exposed himself (oo er misses) and make real short work of the sacrificial beastie.

The rest of my crew form an orderly line and prepare to charge into the gaps that Lano creates when he rips Archie and Spook to pieces.

It's a shame to offer them as pawns but they have well and truly stuffed Lano's charge.

"Ref! OFF SIDE!"

(The side of the miniatures I normally get to stare at!).

 The rightly pissed off, possessed promptly rips Spook a new one!

I spot that another of the chaos warband has been left exposed and charge in with Arnold and Red. Grim and Crazy Joe crash into the gap the departure of Spook left.

In retrospact maybe I should have set Arnold on the possessed but everyone was armed with pistols so had half a chance of pulling down the possessed figure.

Dread Lord Chrashhart and the youngbloods line themselves up for the counter charge in case Grim and co are ripped apart.

"No please fellas, age before beauty!"

Arnold and Red make quick work of the chaos minion before them and catch sight of the second part of the chaos warband trying to break into the tower.

Lano passes his rout check.

"peek a boo. We see you"

Archie takes a kicking and it's my turn to test my bottle. I pass the roll (just!)

Thankfully I am holding my own against the Chaos possessed (mostly thanks to Lano's poor rolls) and this forces him to syphon off the majority of his forces he intended to storm the tower with in order to rescue his possessed.

One of Lano's beasties crashes through the tower like a bull in a china shop (THERE I said it!). 

Despite the cow bell the Beastie also seems to manage to sneak up on Jeffery Archer unnoticed!

Thankfully Jeffery Archer survives the encounter.

"does anyone else hear that ringing?"

In the underbelly of the amphitheatre both Warbands continue to wreak bloody havoc on each other!

Both Warbands are really working up a sweat and then I go and fail my rout check. It's a shame as Lano and I were really getting our teeth into this one but in retrospect it was probably the best result for my warband.

"Right lads this is getting silly. See you back at the pub!"

Blimey what a ding dong! Really pleased with the way I held my own against Lano and managed to nerf the majority of Lano's charges. With a bit of luck picking off the weaker of Lano's warband to force the rout check while keeping my more fragile figures out of the heavy knife work could have swung things my way.


All in all not a bad result i.e. all my heroes survived the game to find wyrd stone and nobody died from their injuries!

Still not beaten Lano!

P.S. The axis of evil on the other table beat Neil but both Undead warbands suffered fatalities.

Can't wait for next week!

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