Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Seasons Beatings from Riotville!

Seasons greetings to one and all.

Just thought I had to share this with you........

I'm walking down the stairs with some minis to prime for the festive painting seasons when the misses pipes up with..

"Don't forget you have to put the Kids Trampoline together (their christmas present) so they can see it Christmas morning"

"Ok I can prime the minis during the Tea breaks no worries"....

And then the construction begins......

Hour and thirty minutes later I end up with this

 yep its a 10 foot Trampoline in a 12 foot garden!!!!!!

 I had to spend the rest of the afternoon shooing away Helecopters that kept trying to land!

 The good news is if anyone falls out of a window (or passing airliner) they will be perfectly safe!

I guess it's my own fault for telling the misses this is 8 inches

So a frantic visit to Argos (Thank goodness for FAST TRACK!!!!!) and the kids will still be getting their Trampoline, but unlike this one you will not be able to see it from outer space!

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