Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Saga begins!

Once again Al and I managed to meet up for a game of little soldiers. With us both being destroyed for work the next day after our last game of Warmachine we decided we needed a change.

Al had been on Ebay and snapped up various armies of Gripping beast Saga miniatures so 4 points of Saga it is!

They are in your face aggression. I have to play Vikings!

 I reach for the box of Vikings and Al takes "the computer says no!" Anglo Danes. I have been sniffiing round both armies so it will be interesting to see how both sides play out.

I go with a unit of Berserkers, 4 Heathguard and two units of 8 warriors. I think Al goes for the same but sub Dane Axes for Berserkers.

Neither of us really have an idea of what we are doing but thankfully the rule book is only thin and I am sure we will pick it up as we go along.

I decide to make a concerted charge against the left but Al uses some Dane ability to stop my Heathguard following.

"Hold on Lads, wait for us!"

I really like the variation in the Gripping beast minis but I will be sticking with my cheap as chips Vikings .

"Fear the Berserker mankini!"

 My first unit of Warriors get stuck in to Al's Warriors and with the use of various board abilities go medieval (or should that be dark age) on their arses.

My warlord pitches in to the Dane Warlord while trying to bring the berserkers in as support. Al uses his Dane ability to stop the Berserkers (this was a misreading of the rules) moving up in support and although I roll wounds Al pawns them off to the closest warriors (after frantic flicking through the rule book to look the rule up)!

Al's retaliation sees my Warlord take wounds and with no warriors close enough to take the wounds my Warlords first foray onto English soil ends in his demise!

"TO ME LADS!.... oh hang on ..... AHHHHHHHHH!"

So unlike our last battle a nice, fast paced, easy to remember, no head ache game of Saga and first impressions are VERY favourable!


1) Stacking abilities is the way to go in Saga and the Vikings on full tilt are hard to beat in Melee

2) I need Body guards round the Warlord at all times and NOT expensive Berserkers who should be hunting down the enemy Warlord NOT soaking up wounds.

3) The Dane ability can only stop activations caused by spending die not "come with me". This misreading of the rules proved to be my undoing but you live and learn.

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