Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I love painting days like this!

With all the bulk painting going on at the moment I do love painting days like this,

a wide variety of mini's on the table and lots of open pots of paint.

The Gondorian archers are there for a "Saga of the Ring" game I want to play with my brother at Christmas, but that's the only bulk painting on the table and they will be dabbed at as other figures washes are drying.

The two robots on the left are for "Vulture warriors from Dimension X"

George Orkwell is just a Kromlech mini I fell in love with and had to have!

The Space marine is the last of the forces needed to play "Denzarks Hammer"

And the Space Marine Capt is there as a possible Cpt. Sicarius proxy and I really like the figure.

The ork storm boy is another "Dimension X" figure that I really wanted to get paint on.

Might post another picture at the end of the day to see how I've done.

I am thinking I will spend the rest of the year finishing up odds and sods such as;

1 Renegade
10 long gunners
1 Vanguard
1 Gunmage
and the various Jack weapons I need to swap in

Ultra Marines
1 Commander / Captain

George Orkwell
6 Stormboyz

20 Great sword and
another 10 knights

This should see me finish off several projects as well as offer me a nice variety of mini's to keep me interested.

Time will tell......................

So here is todays update.

Table ended up looking like this

Mini's ended up looking like this

 and the main three ended up looking like this

Still a ways to go but a productive day behind the brush.

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