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Warhammer Fantasy 750 point Empire Army

So I am really on a tear this Bank Holiday weekend.

Finished up my first 750 points of Empire Army forces for the MEGC "tale of 4 gamers" which kicks off next week.

The whole campaign is story based and will be written up by Lee as a story narrative.

The idea was based on an old White Dwarf article and everyone who wanted in was to select a new Fantasy army and start off with 750 points, the only catch they all have to be painted by the time it kicks off!!!

Heres what my forces looked like 2 months ago

This is the finished results

I went with a cavalry based force as I figured it was more in keeping with the nature of the campaign where the race is on to find the treasure and this force was based around a Border patrol force that would theoretically cover ground faster. It also meant I only had to paint 15 miniature!

First up my Grand Master Giorgio Custoras

Giorgio Custoras

Illegitimate bastard of a minor lord of Wissenland

Custoras rose to prominence when he was only person of noble blood still alive and not grievously wounded at the battle of Big Little Horn. While still a pistolier and under the guidance of Dogstein his outrider mentor they managed to rally the surviving men of the line and fight a successful rear guard action until relief arrived.

As the only positive outcome from an ill fated campaign, which was dogged with defeats against the separatist of the great plains, and numerous logistical nightmares from the start this “battle” was grasped upon by citizens, bards and town criers alike and this “victory” of the “Lord of the people” soon captured the popular imagination of the Empire and Custoras was knighted by Franz himself in a carefully orchestrated public relations exercise.

Not  comfortable with the “Lord of the people” label because of his ignoble birth Custoras still craves the acclaim of his knightly peers, often taking commissions to put down peasant revolts to distance himself from this acclamation. But is growing into this calling as he understands the political advantage this gives him and his confidence in his own abilities grows (although he never feels fully at home in either camp).

Men of the line wear red caps to emulate Custoras and call themselves “Custoras’ Red Caps”, and even the knights and Gryph knights have emulated this practise by lacquering the head armour of their mounts red.

Since his true father revealed himself to Custoras at the age of 14 he has been a trusted lieutenant of his father as Custoras knows without his support he will soon be forgotten and overlooked for commands and is often given the dirtier and more covert missions by his father, which he carries out with a cold resolve as a necessary evil and gives him a greater understanding then his half brothers of how the true politics of the Empire works.

His first commissions met with some success against Elves here, Orcs here and Skaven here, although the Elven encounter was nearly a political disaster as they were granted a charter of safe passage by the Count of the area. It was only after a massive bribe was paid to the Count from the treasure stolen from the Elves that the attack was blamed on a roving band of Orcs and Skaven, Custoras encountered on the same patrol (whose heads he presented as evidence) instead but Custoras was forced to accept a commission as a lieutenant in the 1st Company, Lustrian Expeditionary forces until the affair blew over.

During the training of the expedition forces (which he oversaw), Custoras soon whittled out any undesirables and ensured the garrison force almost entirely consisted of the remnants of the forces he had commanded (and become beloved by) at the battle of Big little Horn.

Custoras also ensured the contingent of Knights consists entirely of second or third sons of various lords who have no lands to inherit and therefore are almost entirely dependent on the expedition (and therefore Custoras) being successful to ensure their fortune and future, soon earning the nickname “the second sons of Custoras”.

Despite Showing himself a man of vigour and excellent health for his advancing years, the expedition commander Baron von Magellan was found dead of a suspected heart attack in his bunk the morning the expedition was due to set sail, although the Barons personal physician voiced his belief that Magellan showed symptoms of poisoning and suffocation.

Unfortunately the physician was found dead in a back alley close to the Imperial offices where he was due to file his report, believed to be the victim of a robbery.

In order not to miss the tides Custoras was promoted to expedition commander until the replacement commander arrived via the second supply ship bringing additional forces. Unfortunately the replacement commander fell overboard during a midnight stroll of the decks while on route on the same ship as Dogstein and his outriders (rumours persist that the cabin door showed signs of forced entry). The event was particularly puzzling as Baron Von Estellian was from a naval family and was known to be an excellent swimmer.

Even without finding the fabled Talisman of Teotiqua the establishment of an Imperial trading post and possible colony on the Lustrian coast would ensure the fortune of the commander of any such enterprise. All Custoras needs to do now is stay alive long enough to reap the benefits!

Heres Marcus Darklore the Wizard (Level 2)

The narrative is that he is slowly going demented as the expedition drives further and further into Lustria.

Same of this dementure will be due to the whole stress caused by the expedition itself but there will be a whole thing going on about the influence the Skull is having over Marcus (if any). It was found by Marcus in the remains of a ruined temple during one of the first battles they had in Lustria and somehow it channels Marcus' power and was instrumental in Marcus turning the tide of the first battle in Lustria and allowing the establishment of their beach head.

Rumours are rife amongst the camp that animated arguments can be heard coming from Marcus' Tent at night even though his elevated status means his does not share his tent.

To show this edge to the figure I painted the pupils red. It is a subtle effect that gives the figure an understated odd effect until someone points out the red eyes. Is it the eyes reflecting the flare of his fire spell or something more sinister in nature? 


 Was feeling really pleased with myself so made the mistake of setting out the whole 1500 points

and then really wished I hadn't.

For a look at my 1000 point Empire list (with a full break down of the points) please click HERE

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