Saturday, 26 April 2014

Orson Lugrum, Reaper Evil Wizard 03638

So another day working the shop so pulled out the paints.

I was all pumped up from "the tale of 4 gamers" at the MEGC last night (battle report and photos to come), so decided to hit the next 250 points of my Empire army.

First up was my second Battle wizard Raggedy Man, Rags for short.

The back story is he was originally a wizard of the celestrial order, who was hired by a Privateer crew to forecast the storms as they raided the unpredictable Lustrian coast 15 years ago.

Unfortunately they were spotted off the Vampire coast and ship wreaked by the Vampire Count to add to his growing ranks.

Raggedy man was the sole survivor of the attack managing to use his magic to fend off the undead horde long enough to escape.

He was found by a Skink patrol half mad from hunger and brought back to their temple for interrogation.

His torture at the hands of the Skink Priest pretty much eroded what was left of his sanity after the attack of the undead and his flight through the treacherous jungle.

After it was decided that he posed no threat and was indeed alone he was allowed to roam the city like an unwanted pet scavenging what food and shelter he could around the city.

Over his 15 years with the lizards he now speaks their language fluently and has a working knowledge of their customs and geography but has long forgotten his own name.

He was found by Dogstein skulking around the Imperial camp and between incoherent babblings about the end times and numerous requests for cheese, Custoras and Dogstein soon realised  that he was a gold mine of knowledge and a possible envoy between themselves and the indigenous Lizard men and other local factions (especially in relation to possible trade).

The Raggedy man was sequestered into the Imperial forces (but is forced to tent downwind to the rest of the camp) and is slowly being reintegrated into human culture although he attempted to escape the night he first saw Markus Darklore and his Skull and now constantly makes warding gestures in Markus'’ direction.

How Rags will react to finding out he will not be sent back to the Celestrial College at Altdorf is anyone’s guess and Custoras is now keeping him on a very short leash.

As soon as I saw this fella on the Mini Empire shelves I knew this guy was the one! and the whole back story nearly immediately fell into place as I always wanted some one based on the character of Ben Gunn from Treasure Island in my army either as a scout, wizard etc from the start .

The idea was to make the clothes as faded as possible but try to show that they would have been the best quality at some point. I deliberately gave him a darker skin tone to represent the fact he had lived outdoors for 15 years in the Lustrian sun.

I went with the negative eyes as it is an effect I used years ago for my Dark Elves and always loved the effect and I like the idea that the wizards eyes should change while spell casting as they are tapping into dark forces to ply their trade.

I finished this mini from start to finish in under 2 hours and it was so nicely cast it pretty much painted itself and I really am becoming a fan of Reaper minis!

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