Wednesday, 5 February 2014

the green expendables, 3rd edition orc linemen

Wanted to hold these fellas back but finally there are some 3rd edition Orc miniatures I like.

First signing is Nigel the Half orc. The offspring of a tryst between a very drunk Orc maiden and an even more drunk unknown Human Blood bowl player during the post game celebrations 20 summers ago.

"Having grown up on the Orc side of the wall (more on that in a later post), nigel has had to block harder, stomp dirtier and drink more then any other to prove his orcness all of which has proven to be the perfect training ground for his chosen career".

Finally an Orc lineman worth buying, even with the 2nd edition Lineman i was never impressed but really liked the look of this fella. Went with the flesh tone on a bit of a whim and glad I did. Bit surprised how much like a pig it looks, but the armour looks great and the detailing looks nice (especially the stitched eye). Also the orc face on the armour gives me a theme I can work through the banners, flags merchandise etc. 

Also picked up this fella

another of the "expendables". Really enjoying the variation through the linemen and am really happy the way the eyes turned out, you can almost imagine him giving an opposing player the "mad eye" before charging in, just bags of personality in this miniature.

I now have 16 players (including the Troll) and coach. The blitzer will be repainted and there will be extra additions (still looking for the forth blocker) but now have an idea of what I need to get through with regards to finishing off the unwashed, godless green horde of the faerie realm, The Orc team (original I know!!!)

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