Saturday, 15 February 2014

The empire strikes back. First outing of Warhammer fantasy.

So today woke up as giddy as a school girl going to a first direction concert as today I would be picking up my 750 points of empire.

So here they all are assembled.

Should be 9 knights and a mount for my compulsary reaper purchase (the wizard).

First impressions were being an old skool player;
1) I am still not sure about resin miniatures, they just do not feel right in the hand, it must be something about the weight.
2) When the hell did miniature come in so many pieces!!!! seriously 8 figures coming in over 100 pieces!!!!
luckily Lano agreed to stick them together for me for a very reasonable price.
3) God damn Demigryphs are expensive!! over 30 quid for 3 pieces of average sized plastic, guess I will only have one unit of these.

Damon kindly agreed to walk me through my first game and maybe it was his expertise but I did enjoy it.

Playing as high elves he shot round my left flank and took some pot shots at my gryphs.

Turns out gryphs are hard as nails, I guess they might be worth the cost.

Then they got stuck into a unit of elves and ripped them to bits

So it turns out Gryphs are absolute beasts.....I know their beasts but I mean absolute beasts in combat. I guess they are going to need extra attention when it comes to painting them.

Next lesson was how effective magic is. Managed to hit a unit of elves with some kind of "thing erupt from the ground and kill everything spell", that might not be its official name. Any way here are the before and after shots

And then the hero and the knights got stuck in and butchered what was left!!

Analysis of my first game;
1) I like it tactically
2) Everything has a chance against everything
3) Magic really is a game changer!!
4) Demigryphs are still silly expensive but I can see how all that hitting power can be seductive

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