Saturday, 25 January 2014

introducing the first signing of "Her Majesty's Gentlemen of the Realm Bloodbowl Team" God bless the Queen.

First shots of the colour scheme for the all new "Gentlemen of the realm",

The yellow and blue is from the Reikland Reavers human team uniform team and is one my brother wanted to keep as he has always played as the Reavers.
Truth be told it is a great choice as the colours really compliment each other and really make the minis stand out against the astro granite.
The red white and blue stripes on the helmets tie in with the union flag.

We have decided to go with the victorian theme as it is a period he loves and with the sci fi fiction of the time it could give us some interesting choices with star players. It also allows us to add in players from all over the world. I already have my eye on a Reaper mini which would look great as a Kicker and would be from the victorain colony of Hong Kong, the link is here

1 comment:

  1. Love it, really love it. The theme is great and the coach looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing more.


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