Sunday, 5 January 2014

Blood bowl 2nd edition Human referee, controlling the chaos with a whistle and some coloured cards!!

Had a right result on ebay today, just sold off a load of old Mithril, Lord of the Rings miniatures I bought in Hamleys years ago. The female ranger alone has just been sold to Italy for over eighty quid so I should have more then enough to get me started on these teams....ebay here we come.

Another online store which is really impressive is impact miniatures

They are based in Oz so postage could prove expensive but if nothing else give you a good idea of what is out there, have an eye on a few of the minis as I am not too impressed with the new lines of bloodbowl mini's GW brought out for the 3rd edition, especially the human minis.

Got to grips with a Human ref today which is another loft find and I wanted to practice my skin tones again

The flesh and leather are P3 paints from priverteer press which I really like and are new to me as a painter.

The bottle on the base is made with green stuff which I just rolled between my fingers until it looked a bit bottle shaped. I figure the ref has either been drinking on the job (and who would blame him) or it was "donated" by a spectator after a particually poor decision.

Need to work on my shading of black cloth but other then that not a bad first effort for flesh tones.

I will have to get a orc ref now to balance things out.....

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