Wednesday, 8 March 2017

1000 points WHF battle vs Phil's Skaven

First game I had Sunday was against Phil and his bloody Skaven.

It was only a 1000 point scuffle as Phil had arranged a 1000 point battle with Ed and I had 2000 points lined up against Lee.

We set out the following forces while we waited for the other two to turn up.

We were both struggling at 1000 points as you can't cover all the bases and so there are always gaps in both you and your opponents line.

No surprises I bolt forward. Phil''s Warp Cannon frightens the life out of my Ironguts and I hide them behind the Wizards tower.

The more canny of you will have noticed I have now completely stuffed myself as my most powerful unit is now stuck behind the tower and will need another two turns to manoeuvre themselves back into anything like a useful position!

My Mournfangs crash into the clan rats. . . .

. . . . and run them from the field!!

My Gnobblers taunt the Stormvermin into charging!

Phil crumbles under my taunting and bites the bullet and charges his elite Stormvermin into my lowly Gnobblers!

EIGHT Stormvermin fail their dangerous terrain tests!!!

Phil hates my Gnobblers. . . . might have to get at least another unit!

Finally my Ironguts bimble out of the shadow of the wizards tower and charge into the second unit of Clan rats.

The results are satisfactorily destructive!

My Leadbelchers open up with both barrels into the Stormvermin to whittle them down.

That's still a lot of Storm vermin!

Over on the right my surviving Sabre tusk and Ironguts close in on the warp cannon.

Then Phil decides to go the full Skaven and his Wizard blows itself up and kills more Storm vermin then my Leadbelchers did!

I have not seen a 'Thats so Skaven' moment like that since playing Jiri!!

My Ironguts and Sabretusks rip the Warp cannon to pieces and Phil declares the game so Ed and Lee can get their games in.

So the first game of the night is a victory against Phil!

Would be interested to see if I am so lucky against his 2000 point list?


  1. Great report and result, but I have a feeling the rats will want their revenge.

    1. I have the horrible feeling they will get their revenge.


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