Monday, 30 January 2017

Eat your greens . . . . Their good for yer! WHF battle report

With Riotville LIVE happening next week Lee and I decided to have a warm up with our selected armies.

Lano had set the field before we turned up and decided we were playing 'Dawn Attack'.

Lee ended up with his Boyz all over the place.

Apart from my Leadbelchers I ended up with all my lads centrally placed.

Lee's new toy . . . . and what an effort!!

 Lee gets first turn and bolts forward with his boars. His Trolls stumble in the roughly right direction.

My turn and once again Lee has stalled out my attack and I am far too timid in my advance.

As my Leadbelchers failed their attack the Boar Boyz come steaming in!

My Gnoblars have already done their job and protected my 'Battle bus' from being charged by the giant Spider!

The big question is will I get them painted for Sunday?

Thankfully the Spider blocks out the charge from the Orks (or they failed their animosity test. Can't remember!).

My Ironguts eye up the spider and hurt their brains trying to work out if they will get a leg each!

The Boars and Leadbelchers rip each other to pieces!

All I can think is "My Empire handgunners would never manage that!".

The Big spider might be scary but it can't hit for shit when it only has to roll 3+ to hit!

Thankfully the Gobbo's on the back get their eye in and decimate the Gnoblars.

The spider over runs into the Ironguts.

Thankfully the Goblin Fanatics fail to make contact with my Bulls and my Firebelly blasts both Fanatics off the field with various blasty spells!

My Ironguts weather the storm of the Spider . . . . before ripping it to pieces in the retaliation!

Before both my Ironguts and Bulls barrel into the enemy units to their fore!

Now you see them  . . . . . . .

Now yer don't!!

As the last two Goblins bolt for the back table edge my Bulls rein themselves in and line up a charge on the surviving Orcs.

Here comes the rush!

My Ironblaster and Lee's Stonethrower have been in a snowball fight all game but it's only at the last moment I notice the Boar Boys inching closer and closer. .  .

I pivot my Ironblaster towards the snorting unit of bad intentions and . . . .

Grapeshot the pigs into strips of bacon!!!!!

Back in the centre the carnage continues but the Orcs are giving as good as they get!

Armed with 'Fencers blades and Glittering scales' the Orc boss is causing me a nightmare!!

My only hope is I can roll enough 6's due to the sheer volume of attacks to get the job done!

The attacks are getting through but a roll of double 6 saves his bacon!

As then a roll of 'insane courage' keeps the Orc in the fight!

At this point I try to recruit him into the Tribe my Lads are so impressed with his prowess!!

It's with a heavy heart that I watch the crazy Orc Bastard pulled down!

I might have to find an Orc head for the BSB as a fitting tribute.

Lee's final unit of Trolls continues to shamble forward!

It least they look pretty!

Another cracking game in the bag with both Lee and I smiling from ear to ear by the end.

If this is the caliber of game we can all expect Sunday we are in for an amazing day!!

We are all meeting for breakfast at 10am on Sunday at the Beefeater at Redbridge at Redbridge roundabout and then have the upstairs rooms booked until closing time.

All comers are welcome and we will even have some armies kicking around if any one fancies a taster game.

Come one come all!


  1. Another wonderfully bruising encounter, the pair of you are clearly having a blast!

    1. We are all chomping at the bit to tear each other apart Sunday. It should be a blast of a day!

  2. Excellent report, loved the last ditch fight of the lone orc, cheers for posting Riot :-)

    1. Thanks. We were all cheering for the Lone Orc by the end (even me!).

  3. Trolls are so cool and look great, but they can be a bloody annoyance when they won't just shove on and get stuck in!

    Sweet game to follow mate. Those Ogres really do kick arse!

    1. Lee was kicking himself when they were placed miles away from his General. After that they were just taking up space on the table. We both agreed they could have really swung things in the middle.

      I really am enjoying playing with the Ogres. It's refreshing to not have everything die so easily like my Empire army.


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