Wednesday, 3 February 2016

School Enrichment. Session 5. The Lords of Mordheim!

The last enrichment session of the half term saw the students play a 'seven samurai' style senario with both bands meeting in the middle of the board to discuss a truce so they could team up to protect a village from 'Big Ben' and his crew.

Little did they know that 'Big Ben' was a giant accompanied by some Ogres and Crocs!

I told them that the last surviving member would be crowned the 'Lord of Mordheim' and earn 500 gold coins. I figured this would cause the pupils to set on each other like a pack of wild dogs but . . . . . . .

Kids being kids they decided to team up to save the village and be heros!!

'Mad Jack' takes on 'Big Ben'

It was a suitably apocalyptic game with the Giant storming around and pushing over buildings as the students desperately tried to isolate and destroy the various banditos storming the village while not being picked up by the Giant and used as living missles!

All in all a storming finale to the campaign and all the students got to keep the miniature they created as a souvenir.

Have decided we will be giving Gorka Morka a go after half term (but without the buggies). Just need to create and paint some scrap markers.

We also picked the winner of the Castle compertition. . . . .

A worthy winner!


  1. Superb, what a great idea and I love that castle - just brilliant.

    1. Cheers. .The castle compertition was a close run thing.

  2. Great stuff Riot, impressive, the kids must love it :-)


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