Saturday, 19 December 2015

Seasons Beatings. The Armoury play 'The Killing 3000'.

Whats says Christmas more then kicking lumps out of your fellow gamers in a Gladitorial death match?

Once again the arena is set and ALL the terrain comes out the tub and makes it on the table.

Next we pick our entry point and roll for scatter.

Russel decides to start the Christmas spirit early and tries to drop on top of Jiri to rack up the early bucks!

The new rule is there is no shooting in the first round now but it forces Jiri to pitch in and try to weather the storm.

I bunker my 'Pat Sharpes' behind a ruined building and get into a protracted firefight with Tim's Khador, which costs me my Sniper.

Ed spotting an opportunity, slinks round the bunker and waits for his chance to strike against my weakened forces. The paranoia mounts as I start to wonder if a secret pact has been forged between Tim and Ed?

Macca's Paras continue to forge into the centre of the battle field and are met by Tims Khadorians.

Yep still going at it!

Just to add to the misery, Tim decides to open up on full auto in to the melee!

I am forced to leave a Guardsman to cover Tims forces. This leaves him open to a barrage of fire and not surprisingly full of holes by the end of the turn.

Having finished off Jiri's team, Russel turns his attention to Tims forces. Tim decides to leg it!

Ed has my nuts in a vice so I decide to play a command card and get in the grill of Ed's leather clad ladies.

The next turn I am lucky enough to win initiative and wipe out his ladies in melee and survive Eds retaliatory cannonade.

Macca closes in on Russel's forces. Several Grenades lobbed over the top of the barracade fails to dislodge Russels 'Breaker'. Looks like Macca will have to do this the hard way!

Is that another conga line Macca?

Ed and I manage rip each other to bits before the last of his team fall to the ground. I then manage to hunt down Tims remaining Sniper. It would sound braver except for the fact the Sniper had run out of ammo two turns before.

Maccas forces continue to hoover up our decimated forces.

"Your next mate!"
At the end of turn ten only 3 players remain and a final count up of the bounties sees Macca the run away winner!

Just want to wish all the gamers at the Armoury a lovely Christmas and look forward to locking horns with you all next year!


  1. Looks and sounds like a load of fun, nice way to round off the year :-)

    1. It was cool to get everyone round the table and go nuts.

      I do not think Russel will be on Jiri's Christmas card list ;0)


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