Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The first miniatures (of 400???) of 2015. Troubleshooter Bot Support Team. Red clearance.

So it's only the 6th of January and I have already completed 3 minis!

Only 397 to go!

First out the blocks are My Trouble shooter Bot Support Team (Red clearance) for my up coming game of Vulture Warriors of Dimension X.

After buying the Rogue Trader rule book I have realised how complicated the Vulture Warriors scenario is and have decided to dip my toes with "the battle of the farm" scenario included in the Rogue Trader rule book first.

But this has not stopped my mind racing ahead I have have already imagined half a dozen (less complicated) scenarios to play with this lot, so they had to be the first out the gate!

Gen-R-Uss-2, Docbot Model 360, Combat Model F-4 and Tim-R-Uss-3

Unaware until recently that there were even miniatures produced for this game I have pulled my usual trick and gone straight to Reaper miniatures.

Working in the public sector I work in a Health and Safety world gone mad!

Recently I had to take a course to use a three step, step ladder!

As the most logical "illogical" thing in the world I could easily imagine this becoming the norm in a world run by a computer Overlord.

As a consequence I have gone with lots of high vis clothing and Health and safety symbols on the panels and such.

Rear view as this is mostly what I get to stare at.
I tried to grab the last of todays sun but failed so the photos did not come out as well as I hoped. Will try to take another set when I complete Cind-R-Blk-1.

 First up is Combat model F4. Originally a Reaper Blackstar privateer, it made an immediate impression on me and I instantly saw it stomping around as a 40K robot.

Went with the white body to denote a futuristic, plastic type carapace and then went nuts with "electric Shock" warning labels on any thing I saw as an access panel.

Last but not least it had to have the compulsory Yellow and black, high vis markings on the edges! Can't have the Vulture warriors stubbing their toes on the bloody big, bright white, robot!

Next up is Gen-R-Uss, the Docbot controller. Originally a Reaper Cyber technician. A pair of orange high vis trousers and a white vest, with some yellow and black, safety, shin guards and she looked the part immediately.

On the back I tried to be flash and painted in a sweat patch and a prison type number markings to denote a sweaty, confined / dysposian type future setting.

Next up my Combot Controller Tim-R-Uss-3. Originally a Reaper miniatures Government Agent. I picked him because the blazer looked a bit like a lab coat and I pictured the guy as an R&D dude doing some field research.

During the painting he kept reminding me of someone and then it struck me!  Kim Jong il!

"I'm so wonly"
 If anything screams Dysposian society its this man.

So thats it. I only wanted them painted to a Table top (PLUS!) standard as I have literally hundreds of Minis to get through.

Even though, I am pleased with the results and hopefully I can keep this up.


  1. Nice knowing you Mike!

    You'll be getting a knock on the door soon from North Korean Agents!!

  2. well they can't make my internet connection any slower!


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