Thursday, 11 September 2014

Warmachine to the rescue

So the other night I'm putting my son to bed and reach for the story books when he pipes up with the words every father dreads at bed time "No Daddy, I want a made up story...................a long one!"

I wrack my brains and then eureka .....................

Troy the Cygnar Warcaster is off to fight Skare the witch queen with his two giant robots (named after his two best mates).

There were villages in peril, there was an ambush, there was explosions and feats ("of course you can have a magic glowing arm that sends the baddies flying through the air!"), and Skare ends up in prison (always leave room for a sequel).

We both agree "Cryx is for dicks" (my words not his!), a kiss good night, lights out and everyone is a winner.


  1. Lan-o the evil elf went out and spent 90 quid on a whole load of epic figures the little sod! That's what probably happened next!


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